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We are developer,  designer,  gamer,  photographer who love technology and nature, we live around Phuphan mountains, Thailand


compile tensorflow on pine64

build on PINE64/512/1G/2G First of all you must do: use more swap space. Follow this Blog -> http://zhiyisun.github.io/2017/02/15/Running-Google-Machine-Learning-Library-Tensorflow-On-ARM-64-bit-Platform.html use bazel version 4.5.0 before build tensorflow change eigen library by follow this -> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44418657/how-to-build-eigen-with-arm-neon-compile-error-for-tensorflow build by use this command: bazel build –verbose_failures tensorflow/tools/pip_package:build_pip_package export LC_ALL=C install by using this command: sudo python2.7 -m pip install /tmp/tensorflow_pkg/tensorflow-1.2.1-cp27-cp27mu-linux_aarch64.whl …

Compile OpenCl support on tensorflow in ubuntu 16.04

Hi everyone, i just try to compile opencl support on tensflow. let’s do it Step: 1.  Download computecpp(compute++) from https://www.codeplay.com/products/computesuite/computecpp 2.  Extract ComputeCpp-CE-0.1.1-Ubuntu.14.04-64bit.tar.gz to /usr/local $ tar xvf ComputeCpp-CE-0.1.1-Ubuntu.14.04-64bit.tar.gz $ sudo mv ComputeCpp-CE-0.1.1-Linux /usr/local/computecpp 3.  After following this official tensorflow build from source  instruction at this –>  https://www.tensorflow.org/get_started/os_setup#installing_from_sources [Configure] Please specify the location of python. …



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